linksys Wifi Extender

What is linksys Wifi Extender?

A  Linksys Wifi extender is a small device which is used to extend the network signal from your wi-fi network to round the house. Wireless range extender catches the wi-fi signals from your router and then uses these signals to rebroadcast around the house. Through this process the signal range is extended to the area where otherwise the router signals would have been unable to reach.

With a wi-fi range extender you can extend the range of wi-fi coverage to every corner of the house. It’s a great way to eliminate any network dead spots or low coverage spots in the house. They look like small plug in device or a desktop unit.

A linksys wifi extender can broadcast the signal that it receives, if it receives a low-quality unstable signal then it will rebroadcast it as it receives it. It cannot strengthen the quality of signal.

What is a Powerline Network Adapter?

A powerline Network adapter is different from a Wi-fi range extender. With a powerline adapter you can enjoy an improved data connection through cable transmitting the data. A powerline adapter, just like a network extender, looks like a small wall plug but the difference is that these are connected through ethernet ports.

Basically, powerline adapters can transform your regular power outlets into ethernet connections. To set up a powerline adapter system one adapter device is installed near the main power socket and the others are connected via a powerline connected to the main socket throughout different rooms of the house.

Linksys Wifi Extender

What is the Difference between a linksys Wifi extender and Powerline adapter

A wifi extender and a powerline adapter both extend the range of signal distribution around the house but they differ due to the method they use to extend the signal range.

A Wifi extender can be installed anywhere around the house anytime you want but a Powerline network adapter needs proper installation via ethernet cable connection.

A wifi extender can also be relocated any time you want, without even needing any assistance. You can simply unplug the extender and relocate it somewhere else as long as it stays within the range of your wireless network.

On the other hand, a network adapter is installed through ethernet cable connection or there are also wi-fi enabled adapters that combine the benefits of a powerline adapter and range extender.

As a linksys wifi extender needs to be placed within specific reach of your router, you don’t need to be worried about this issue with a powerline adapter. A powerline adapter emits stronger signals through an electrical cable throughout the house. Even a wifi powerline adapter provides stronger signal coverage as compared to an extender.

However, you need assistance for installing the powerline adapter system though you can enjoy the benefits of having a powerline adapter in the future for a long time. While a range extender is a quick and easy fix to install and setup in your house. You don’t need much assistance setting up a range extender. You can simply install and set up a wireless range extender by yourself, following the setup manual.

But if you want a better signal quality while a broad coverage, though a bit expensive, a powerline adapter system would be a great fit for your home.

Unlike a Wireless network extender, a powerline adapter does not rebroadcast the signals as received instead the data signals are transmitted across circuits. The data strength varies every time they transmit signals.

However, if you don’t want to spend money on a long ethernet connection throughout the house and looking for a cheaper option then a wireless range extender should fit your needs better. Although you can also opt for a wireless powerline adapter option.

With a Wireless powerline adapter, you can enjoy the combined benefits of a powerline adapter and a wireless range extender at the same time. It offers a great wireless range throughout your home in every room without interruptions.

A Network adapter offers the solution of uninterrupted signal without any limitation or signal blockage from thick walls or any other wireless signal blockers. These kinds of obstacles can reduce the wireless range extender signals.

If you have any questions about wireless range extender or a powerline adapter then you can get in touch with our technical team. If you need help choosing which one is a more suitable option for your home then get expert advice from our technical support helpline.