Linksys Extender

Tired of halts while happily streaming your all-time favorite podcasts, online-games or facetime? Come on, we have all experienced it! Do you get irritated when all the rooms in the house leaving yours gets a full signal? When everything fails, a Wi-Fi range Link extender is all you need to get the boost that is needed! 

How does it work? 

Linksys Extender

Wondering about the functioning? A linksys range extender commonly referred to as a Wifi booster is a mechanism that aids in repeating the wireless signal from your router to expand its coverage throughout. Yes, it works as a bridge that gets WiFi from the router and rebroadcasts it to places where the signal is weak or even non-existent. This shortstop helps in adding to the performance of the Link extender. However, it is imperative to pay attention to the device settings while using a Linksys Range extender as the home Wifi device remains connected to the router until it is manually switched over to the range extender network even if the range extender is located closer to the device than the router. Nevertheless, advances in the range extender technology have commenced for automating this so that the switching can happen without the efforts of the user. 

Is it needed? 

At times when the linksys extender setup is held the culprit for dead signals, before placing a Wifi extender, we advise you to place the wireless router in the most centralized position for maximizing the reach as when the routers are located in far-fetched places, it becomes difficult to maximize the strength of the signals. But even after placing it in the center, you still can’t take advantage of the full 360 degree coverage and have dead zones, then definitely, Wifi extenders are a must buy. 

How to choose the right Wifi Extender? 

Link extenders are a perfect match to get rid of insufficient WiFi coverage. But, it should match the wireless network capabilities of the router. Even though a Wifi extender will function with a wireless router that has a varied speed, it will fail to up convert the router’s capabilities. So purchasing a fancy extender without knowing the how abouts is a bad choice. Also, if your current router can handle higher frequencies, then skimping with an extender that has limited standards is also not advised. 

The only thing that’ll justify your purchase will be if you choose an advanced linksys range extender like a wireless-ac with plans of upgrading to a matching router. 

Wifi extenders can also be availed in a desktop or plug-in. These look like a tiny router and have versions that include several ethernet ports which helps in boosting higher speeds by connecting the device directly. On the other hand, plug-in WiFi extenders connect directly to the electrical socket of the wall which means that they don’t need a place on a surface. Also these Plug-ins feature a single ethernet port along with a power-thru so that the electrical socket can still be used with the extender connected.