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Get Linksys Official Support | Linksys Official Support

Therefore, we request you to be patient while we are doing our best to meet your support requirements. As you will probably be having a longer wait time, we request you to try the below quick self-help solutions.

Quick Self-help solutions | Setup

1.       Linksys Quick Router setup | Get Linksys Official Support

Follow these for a quick Linksys Router Setup:

  •      Power ‘On’ Linksys router and use a computer or laptop to connect with the wireless network of Linksys router.
  •       Open a web browser next and use the default IP address for setup page.
  •       Login to setup page using default user ID and password for Linksys router.
  •       Go to wireless settings, set a new password and username for your Linksys router.
  •      Configure the other settings on Linksys router’s admin panel.
  •       Click save settings when you are done with router setup.
  •        Now you can connect your wifi devices to your Linksys wi-fi network.

2.       Linksys router losing connection | Linksys Official Support System

If you are having sudden connection drop or internet not connecting issue on your Linksys router, try these solutions:

  •         Turn the power off for your Linksys router and turn the power back on after a few minutes. Now try accessing the internet and see if you face the same issue.
  •     Relocate the Linksys router to another place with stronger connection signals. Sometimes connection drop may happen if the router is placed in the wrong place with low signals.
  •       The issue could be from your Internet Service provider’s side. So, check the internet LED on your Linksys router. If the light is not on or glowing orange or red that means there’s an internet issue from ISP side. Contact your ISP regarding the issue.
  •         Update the Linksys router firmware as sometimes it just needs a Firmware update. It should work better after the update.
  •         If nothing else works, simply reset the Linksys router and perform setup.

3.       Linksys router Reset | Linksys Extender Setup

Get Linksys Official Support

If nothing is resolving your issue you should perform a reset for your Linksys Router System. There should be a reset button on your Linksys Router. You need to press and hold this button for a few seconds. Let go of the reset button when the router starts the reset. Wait for reset to finish and then use default router login credentials for Linksys router setup.

4.       Linksys router firmware Update | Linksys Range Extender

For the firmware update, first you should go to the manufacturer’s website and check for the latest firmware update. If the update is available, download it and save it on the desktop. Then login to Linksys router’s GUI settings via your IP Address. Once you have logged in, go to firmware section and select the firmware update file. Then just wait for the Firmware update o finish and exit the router settings. Make sure to reboot the router after firmware update.

In case you are unable to resolve your issue by above tips or need support for any additional issues, get in touch with our technical team.You may reach us via live chat or schedule for a callback via email or through our Linksys Official support.